What are wordpress themes? and how you can use them?

In this article you’ll get to what are wordpress themes? and how you can use them to give your users a very good experience and make your website user friendly.

Lets begin the article with the main question what are wordpress themes?

As we all know that today most of the websites are made with wordpress. More than 50 percent of websites today in internet are powered by the C M S wordpress. It is one of the most famour content management system in the world.

To be very honest, after 2003 when wordpress was launched since then website designing has taken a new turn and people who have little knowledge of html and C S S They can easily make user friendly websites using wordpress .

So now the question is how do these website are so easy to use? It has a very simple answer to the question, And the answer is because of pre build wordpress themes. 

WordPress themes are easy to install and make them work the way you want them to look and design them easily with the customization option on the wordpress dashboard panel.

Insights and information of wordpress themes.

what are wordpress themes

This is how c panel looks like and by selectng softaculous apps installer you can install wordpress on your website

Let us begin by installing wordpress on our website. 

Whenever we purchase a wordpress c panel hosting we are provided with a dashboard in the client ares of the hosting company. We we also provided with all the login information in the c panel by the hosting companies. What we need to do is to go inside that c panel and find. you can see above how c panel looks like. Once you are logged in to c panel you need to find softaculous apps installer after selecting this you can easily install wordpress to your website. 

Lets begin with the introduction of wordpress themes.

WordPress themes are a group of files (graphics, style sheets, and code) that determine the overall appearance of your blog or website. Themes can control something as big as the layout of your site or as small like your hyperlink colors. It is easy to take them as skins for your websites layout but let me tell you this today that it is much much more than that  think of a topic as ‘skin’ for your site, but they are much more powerful than that.

instead of providing only a look and feel for your blog, a theme enables you to control the presentation of your site. For example, suppose you blog about food, but you also have an online store. The right theme can display your blog post in a certain way, offering completely different layouts for your store pages. 

There are thousand of wordpress themes available for your website niche. you can select one from them i’ll also be telling you more about wordpress themes and from where you can get them in the other paragraphs of this article so keep reading.

Theme is a built-in part of WordPress. In fact, the platform includes many themes. However, there are some reasons why you can choose and install a new theme on your site:

To improve the visual appeal of your site. If you have a specific vision for your site, you can choose a suitable theme to meet your needs and customize it. To enable more design customization. If you do not have any design or coding experience, many themes offer a wealth of customization to help you create the perfect design. To implement additional functionality. Depending on your needs, a theme may include functionality related to your niche that cannot be found elsewhere.

Although the default or a customized version of a theme may work for a lot of websites, there are actually thousands of topics that cover specific niches and objectives. Let us discuss this in more depth.

What are multi purpose wordpress themes?

Multi purpose wordpress themes are the themes which can be used to design any sort of website by simply modifying your details and designing them the way you want to make them look. 

They are easy to use themes and can be modified by anyone who knows to read the instructions properly. Such websites also offer demo sections to see how they look when they are optimized properly and you can check those demo sections and modify details according to your need.

In short, a multipurpose theme caters to many different niches and site types. They usually include many types of pages, extensions, codes, widgets, and tools, which provide more options for optimizing your site, regardless of its focus

What are niche specific wordpress word themes?

Niche specific wordpress themes are made for websites who are planning to keep a very professional specific layout and designing of a website. Such themes are great for people who have big business or startups so that it creates a good impact on your customers because each and every page of the website is so much user friendly and niche specific that it can make your website look very professional this is the reason why wordpress is powering more than 50 percent of websites on internet. 

Niche specific themes are also customizable, they will often suit a specific theme or industry. They do not include much scope of customization as multipurpose theme. But sophisticated functionality will usually be laser- focused on the exact requirements you have for your site.


There are free and paid wordpress themes available in wordpress themes option.

Before we talk about spending money, it is important to know that there are plenty of high quality WordPress themes that do not cost a penny. We’ll reach out to find them later, but must pass a rigorous review process to include the themes found in the WordPress.org Theme Directory. This assures quality and leaves you to choose themes purely on design, functionality and user reviews.

However, the free theme has drawbacks. For starters, support is usually minimal. Many topics provide help through dedicated forums, usually leaving you to find solutions. What’s more, updates may be more ‘ad hoc’, depending on the developer’s preferences.

Although they were developed in the same way as free WordPress themes, premium solutions are a different animal. You often get support and updates are greatly improved, along with up-to-date features and functionality improvements. However, you will find that this requires a regular subscription depending on the developer. Of course, this cost is reasonable if you feel that you need regular support and updates – and we recommend keeping your theme updated to ensure that it is safe and secure.

Ultimately, choosing a free or premium topic will always be based on your unique needs. If you have the time and expertise with the least budget, then an independent subject may be ideal. However, in most cases, a premium subject would be the best option for you, given the vast number available.

Places from where you can download best wordpress themes

what are wordpress themes

You can download wodpress themes from here 

A simple way of finding wordpress themes is :

  • logging in to your wordpress dashboard
  • then on the left side of the menu you can find appearance like the way it is shown above in the picuture
  • finally selecting your niche suitable theme on your wordpress site and activate the theme. and you are good to go.
Another way of finding wordpress website is  

1. WordPress.org Theme Directory

The WordPress Theme Directory is the official repository for free WordPress themes. You can access it via the web, or alternatively use it from your WordPress dashboard. All subjects have been manually screened through a rigorous review process before being listed. As such, we recommend you to start here in search of a new budget friendly topic.

For each topic, you will be able to use information that can help you make informed choices. For example, you can see how many active installations a theme has, read customer reviews and ratings when it was last updated, as well as access the theme’s support forum.

In addition, you can preview the theme directly using the default data (and using your actual site content while browsing within WordPress). For the Fuller Live demo, you’ll often find a link on the developer’s website. This gives you a chance to see the subject in action, although setting a theme at your own test site poses minimal risk.

Finally, downloading and installing themes is a piece of cake, especially when doing so directly within WordPress.

Getting wordpress themes from other sources and developers

2. Directly from WordPress Theme Developers

StudioPress Homepage

If you find the possibility of going through a large directory, you can always go directly to the source. Many WordPress theme developers sell their work directly, although you will need to check your quality. Here are two we recommend:

 StudioPress is the developers of the Genesis Framework. They offer a variety of premium child theme options, including a variety of designs and designs.

Theme Hybrid offers a variety of free and premium themes. It is a membership site that offers different layers of support and theme options depending on the membership you choose.

While both of these platforms offer a variety of theme options, there are other sources you can consider. For example, WooCommerce provides a storefront theme. It is a dedicated e-commerce theme designed to work perfectly with the WooCommerce plugin. Typically, carrying out an internet search for a topic in your particular niche will bring a plethora of options to choose from.


If you search high and low for the right theme, but cannot find one that matches your vision, you can also hire a developer directly to create a custom theme. Of course, custom theme development is more expensive than “pre-packaged” premium themes.

what are wordpress themes? ( fastest ones considered)

astra wordpress theme
generate pass wordpress theme

There is a list of best wordpress themes which are considered to be fast and they give a very good user experience . WordPress themes which i have personally used and found them very fast and user friendly are

1. Generate pass – I used this wordpress theme for one of my digital marketing website and it really helped me in giving good speed to my viewers and helped me achieve a good amount of traffic without any problems.

2. astra – I used astra for my woo commerce store and it gives you lots of layout pages also for your store so if you have an online store i would recommend going for astra it can really help you get lot of functions for your online store.

lets quickly wrap up what are wordpress themes?

In WordPress, a theme is a collection of templates and stylesheets that are used to define the appearance and performance of a WordPress powered website.


These can be changed, managed and added to the WordPress admin area under Appearance »Themes. Many free and paid WordPress themes are available. WordPress.org has a large collection of freebies in its Themes Directory.


Each one is different in its own way and have very attractive designs, layout and features. A user must choose one to suit their tastes and needs for their website. They are those designed to serve specific types of websites, e.g. The WordPress photography theme is designed for photographers and photography websites.


They can be modified by adding plugins or adding code to a function.php file. Changes can also be made as a child subject. The theme usually consists of three parts in addition to images and JavaScript files. There are three parts style.css file, WordPress template files and an optional functions.php file which will allow changes to the theme. Each theme should have a unique style. The file is there. This does not mean that the styles cannot be identical, but rather that the identity information in the header must be different, otherwise you will have problems during installation. If it is not a child subject, it must also have at least one index.php template file to control the display of content.

conclusion of what are wordpress themes?

WordPress is giving its users best wordpress themes and giving them easy access to how they can customize and get attractive and user friendly website for their business and can give good user experience to its customers. 

After 2003 wordpress has given web designing a new phase of competition. By choosing good wordpress theme you can easily optimize your business website and get amazing benefits from them by creating good impression to your customers and also giving them good user expirence.

I hope you must have got the answer for what are wordpress themes?

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