How to make backlinks?

how to make backlinks

Here is the most difficult question when it comes to Digital marketing. And that question is How to make backlinks?,

The answer to this question is not that complex. The answer is very much easier thank the word itself. So how do we make backlinks? But before answering this question i would like to share few things about backlinks.

What are backlinks?

build backlinks

Backlinks are the links which takes users all over the internet to your websites’s link which helps you in increasing the chances of reaching your potential customers. So how does these backlinks work? These backlinks contains the Url of your website and wherever they are placed and whenever someone clicks on that link it’ll take them to your website giving you a potential visitor who is interested in your product or information which you are sharing with them.

These backlinks play a very important role in ranking your website. Google takes these backlinks very seriously, and backlinks also helps search engines to read the visibility of your website so that google can also find all the sources of information regarding your website and it can place it where it is supposed to be on the search engine result page. 


How important is it to make backlinks?

It is very important to have backlinks. It gets really difficult for a website to rank on google without backlinks. And to make backlinks you need to give a lot of time and patience and it takes time to get good high quality backlinks. It might be very exhausting and time consuming to get backlinks from high DA, PA websites. And it is also not that easy to impress these website to get backlinks. To attract these website you must impress them with images, articles, guest blogging and use innovative ideas to get a backlink from these websites.

How to build backlinks?

There are many ways to build backlinks. But the problem today is that most people know the easy methods of backlinks, there has to be great techniques to build effective and high authority backlinks to get benefits from them. It is useless to have 10000 backlinks with low domain authority or with domains having high spam score. So we should always focus on building backlinks with high quality domains less backlinks with high domain authority are better than 10000 backlinks with low quality domains

14 best ways to Make Backlinks

Web directory submission

Web directories used to play a very important role in 2014-2017 but today in 2020 they are not that relevant. They play less than 20 percent role in search engine optimization. Earlier google algorithm was not that complex but today it is very complex and web directory submission are not that effective. But it does not mean that we will not use them. Even if they are helpful for less than 20 percent they are helpful so we will definitely do web directory submissions.

How to submit to web directories.

submittin to web directories is very easy. We just need to find a suitable web directory. It is just like finding a call directory, Find an effective web directory and submit a link to them. Just like you place an advertisement in OLX or other advertisement sites.

web directories

More than 50 million individuals utilize Foursquare to find extraordinary organizations and offer what they love about them with others. Join the almost 2 million organizations who are as of now exploiting Foursquare to join the discussion and develop their business.


A huge number of individuals are on Yelp searching for organizations like yours. Give them why they ought to pick you. Join the network and begin recounting to your story your way: Upload photographs, react to audits, update your business information, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

directory 3

yahoo local is a very good directory which gives best views for your local listings. Yahoo and google business are considered to be 2 very unique and best ways to promote your business

directory 4

Bing places is also a very big platform to build up your web directory submissions. These big directories prove to be a very huge opportunity for growing businesses and if used correctly this can be a turning point for a lot of growing companies.

how to make backlinks

Google being the best. So google my business is also the best directory in the world. gives a lot of exposre. In certain regards, Google My Business is currently the granddaddy of web indexes. In case you’re a SEO proficient, you’re as of now acquainted with the huge advantages that make posting your business on Google My Business a smart thought, yet an essential prerequisite of web based advertising

So these are the best web directories available on Internet today with high quality backlinks and domain authority. This make easy for people to make backlinks fast.

Article submission

article submission is a very good SEO practice. Article submission can actually help you build up many backlinks and increase huge traffic to your website if your article is unique and worth it. Article writing requires some skills without the skills it is a bit difficult to attract people to visit your website for best links. So make sure you go through all the guidelines provided by the article submission site before submitting the article for moderation.

Writting article also helps google to determine the keywords on which your article seems to be relevant to pop up when the keywords are put in the search box of google. Content is the king. So make sure your content is a value worth the time. If you are not giving good content to your readers you will never see traffic on your website. So be very careful while posting good content to attract users to visit your page and give it a good reading.

how to submit article to websites?

You need to prepare an article related to your niche, and the find high quality domain rating websites which accept articles and the submit the article to those sites. If your article is up to mark and you follow guidelines of that particular website, you’ll then get your backlink with a good domain score. And once the article is submitted you are in a great shape. Doing this will definitely help you get a good quality backlink



2. github.com

3. ezinearticles.com

4. goarticles.info


these are few article submission sites which can help you get good quality backlinks and high traffic. So go ahead and start writting articles for these websites and you’ll see traffic increasing to your website in no time.

Infograpic submission to make backlinks.

Infographic submission is the most interesting and best trick to gain traffic and backlink. And trust me is it the most innovative technique and effective in making backlinks. So what are infographics? Let me break it up for you. info means information, and graphic means image , pic, graphic. anything. Inforgraphics are the pictures which contains information about a particular topic which makes it more engaging because of creativity we use to make these infographics.

How to make infographics?

canva is a paid tool. To use canva for best use you need to purchase canva to take all the benefits of it. But it can help you build amazing infographics if you start letting it get inside your head and the you can post those inforgraphics on the infographics submission sites.

the more attractive and informative your infographic is the more people it will bring in to increase your traffic so always make sure that you design the infographic in a very attractive way and gain huge audience by submitting infographics to good sites. make sure you give whole lot of useful information to your users if you want them to engage in your image.

2 most important infographic submission sites are:

how to make backlinks

visual.ly is a website where you can submit your infographic but make sure it is original and unique otherwise you might not get audience and someone might claim your infographic. So always make sure to post original content and you might get a good audience from posting regularly on visual.ly. 

it is one of the most popular sites to post your infogrphics and it helps google to recognise your site if you are connected to such big sites with high domain authorities.

how to make backlinks

reddit is another infographic submission website which will help you get huge traffic. It is one of the oldest website in terms of infographic and post submission websites. If you manage to make a backlink on reddit you are unstoppable. Reddit will give you huge traffic and great audience with high authority backlink, always focus on reddit to get backlinks of great quality.

How to make backlinks with press release?

creating backlinks with press release is easy and yet difficult at the same time! yes you heard it right, I’am in my senses and saying this because creating backlinks with press release might look difficult in the beginning but once you get used to it. you’ll figure out how to write the heading, how to make it look catchy. Because to get backlink from press release submission required catchy headlines so that anybody reading it makes sure to click on it and get to your website. So to do that you need to make sure that you are giving the press release a good heading which attracts people to click on it.

Everything depends on your presentation when you are submitting a press release. And if it does not look like a press release then what is the use of putting it. when you start submitting these you’ll get to know about it more and it’ll then become easy for you to get backlinks from press release’

your can type press release submission websites on google you;ll get a list of sites. There are no particular famous site to submit it . You can do it the way you want but make sure you search for it before putting a press release on a website.

how to build backlinks with social media marketing?

Social media has a great source of users coming onto them on daily basis, and if you don’t grab the opportunity to take full benefit of it today, you might night able to take it tomorrow aswell. So if you don’t have your business throughout the social media you are losing out on a huge audience which needs to be there on your website.

And to make sure you interest them to get to your website you should always make your social media accounts really attractive, See it all depends on your presentation when you are making backlinks. Use innovative and new ideas to build backlinks by attractive designs, business ideas and give people a reason to come and have a look at your website.

Even if you don’t want much of social media the must have accounts which your should be logged in to are:-

1. linked.in


3. facebook

4. instagram. (related article)

These accounts should always be at your priority lists.

How to make backlinks with broken link building?

Broken link building is a great option to build backlinks. If you do this method correctly you can get thousands of backlinks from a url which already had traffic but due to some reasons the post if no more live. The 404 error, whenever you see that and it is related to your niche always drop am email to the owner of the website telling them that” hey your link seems to be broken, i have a similar post on my website ( give them the link for your article or post which is related to the same topic which the post was related to) and they might redirect the post to your url and done. You just got a backlink from a website which already had tons of backlinks and the traffic will drive to your post.

 This is a very good method to increase traffic and build backlinks. Broken link building can also help you get good rankings on google very easily because now your website is connected to a high authority domain.

How to make backlinks with guest posting?

Guest posting is considered to be one of the best methods to create high quality backlinks, But it also requires special skills to write a guest post for already famous websites, The reason behind this is that quality of the post or article should meet the requirements which are mentioned before submitting the blog post. In case requirements are not met your post will be rejected. Post should be of high quality so i would suggest doing some article research before submitting the final article to the moderator. 

Guest posting is a little complex method, but it is the most effective way to make backlinks, according to me it is the best way to build up backlinks in your niche.

How to submit a guest post?

Posting a guest post is easier than writting it, You just need to convince the owner of the website by writting them an email about your topic and article. Not the whole article but just a piece of it and if they agree you can send them the post you made with 1-3 links of your website and sources to get a backlink . And if they like your post they will feature it on their page and you’ll get a backlink that too of high quality.

Here are few guest posting sites with high domain authority

how to make backlinks

You can login to shout me out and make create you own blog of your choice and you can even earn money with that. How does it sound to you?

So what are you waiting for? go for it right away

how to do guest post

Wiki how is a big name in the guest posting sites. You can login with your facebook, google and other social media accounts to wikihow and the submit your guest posts for approvals and if your post is approves tadaaa! you’ll have a huge audience running to your website.

how to make backlinks

Buzz feed is another website where you can do guest posting and get attract a huge audience to your blog and to get traffic with these websites it is not at all difficult to gain traffic fast and easy. Just a good research and posting a high quality article and you are good to go.

These are few steps to create and submit a guest posts. i’ve mentioned some websites use them and enjoy the high traffic on your website and earn a heavy amount of money with your website. 


Spying your competitors and getting their backlinks.

creating backlinks can be difficult if you opponent is ranking on particular keywords, Don’t worry there are solutions to every question. what we need to do is use 100 percent of our brain and find that one solutions which can help us get on top ranking on google. Google keeps changing its algorithms but we need to make sure that we keep ourselves updated and work according to those algorithms, Once we are thorough with those terms and condition google needs to rank it is a piece of cake to rank on google then.

But what after knowing all the google algorithms? how will my website rank?

Buddy have patience, your website can rank if you keep a check on your opponents website, its ranking and how well that website is doing on that particular keyword. you need to check backlinks of that website and try to create backlinks on those websites it is possible that you will be able to get those backlinks and you can outrank your opponent in few days.

There are paid as well as free tools available in the market. i’ll mention both the tools.


build backlinks

Ahref is the most popular tool for companies who are constantly working on SEO of websites. But it is paid and expensive for people who have just started their business and they cannot afford to use this tool. But once you are into you business and serious about giving seo services to customers or you want to rank fast on google. I suggest you to purchase ahref as soon as possible. There is no other tool in the market at present which can beat the data of ahref.

how to build backlinks

Ubersuggest is one of the most powerful tool today in the market by Neil Patel. The god of digital marketing, the tool is free to use for anybody. But it gives limited access so you cannot totally depend on this tool, you can get information about your opponent but you need to work hard if you use this tool. It is free for now but i have no idea when this tool will become a paid tool. So enjoy and use it till the time its free of cost for us.

interlinking for backlinks

Now what is internal linking. This is the most easiest process and also known as on page SEO. In this method you interconnect your own blog posts so that when google is indexing and crawling your website it crawls each and every one of them and know that they all are interconnected to each other. If you make this practice a habbit this is going to be a great thing for your on page seo and can help you rank good on google in less time . 

I always make sure that i interlink all my blog posts to each other.

How to make backlinks with writing testimonials and review?

writing testimonial and review build up trust with your audience and gives the surety that they are dealing with a secure website and will not break their trust. Building up trust is a very important part of creating audience and bringing traffic to your blog or website. 

If you are not able to build trust with your audience, they will not visit your blog or website again. 

And review helps them to understand about your product and services or the niche of your website and what sort of information they will get from your website. And in return you will get a backlink or huge traffic on your website.

How to get backlinks with connecting to popular blogs?

Getting a link from popular blogs can be really helpful in creating high quality backlinks and getting good domain rating, achieving a good rank on google. There are websites which are old and famous and promote new websites with great content, only if they find out that the content is informative and has the ability to stay up on google. 

qualifying for these website might be little difficult for bloggers who have just started blogging but once they are done with guest posting and other article submissions and have made recognition with google search engine they can go ahead and make connections with popular blogs by sending them email and telling them about your blog posts and sharing knowledge with them.


Posting content regularly

consistency is the key to success, if you keep posting good and informative blogs for your visitors you will soon see traffic increasing to your website very quicky. And if you trigger the question what most people have been searching for, you are definitely going to grab their attention and chances are very high that you’ll end up getting good subscriber to your content and subscriber means that your audience is growing and they like your articles and find them useful to read.

Posting blogs regularly also helps google to know that you are regular on posting informative content for your audience and if you meeting google algorithms there is a high possibility that you’ll end up ranking good on google.

Posting content with information on topics which are asked frequently and giving them a unique technique to solve those answers can be really helpful for your website to gain more name on google and attracting huge traffic to your website.

how to create backlinks

How to create backlinks with youtube?

The most easiest way to build backlinks and attract traffic on your website is using youtube. All you need to do it upload a video which is attractive. Because 8 seconds is all you need, those 8 seconds will ensure that the viewer finds it interesting or not? If they find it interesting they will definitely wait and move forward to view all the details on your website

Creating and editing video may take time. but as we are moving forward in 2020 people don’t like reading much but visual tutorials about you will definitely have them look into your website and get to know more about your services and you can attract huge audience to your website and blog.

creating backlinks with skyscraper technique.

Skyscraper is a technique used to build backlinks and outrank your opponents on google search engine result page. In this technique what you need to do it , firstly you put the keywords you want to write your blog on google. 

Put those keywords on google search box, and pick top 5 websites have a look at their content write down the points and mistakes which they’ve made, and create a better content than them you will easily be able to outrank them and create a great article outranking the article which is already there ranking on the first page. 

Always remember content is king, If you post good and informative content you will be able to rank on google and attract huge audience to your blog post.

I promise you that if you follow these instructions properly you will definitely be able to build huge audience on google and create thousands of backlinks in very less time. So all the best and now you can go ahead and make tons of backlinks with all the information i've mentioned on this article.

Thank you for giving your precious time on reading this article.

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